LASEmaR 900R

Design and Innovation in Dentistry

The new LASEmaR 900 R™ is designed combining ergonomic studies with care for the aesthetic, creating a product that is easy to use and perfectly integrate in the dental clinic.

LASEmaR 900 R™ is a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 915 nm that offers important advantages compared to other wavelength:

  • Absorption coefficient in the water comparable with Nd: YAG lasers and 5 times higher than the 810 nm.
  • Absorption coefficient in the haemoglobin comparable with the diode 810 nm diode laser and 10 times higher than the Nd: YAG laser.

This specific wavelength enhances the treatment options both when used in contact with optical fibers then when the beam is defocused and not in contact.

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Tech Specs
  • EUFOTON in fact offer the possibility to customize the device with different chassis colours.
    The color touch screen display with integrated video tutorials allows an easy understanding and an immediate comprehension of the device.
    In addition, the latest generation software guides the user step by step, from the choice of applications to the setting of parameters that can be edited and saved. If the user encounters errors, the software is able to recognize them and to lead the operator to the resolution of the same with explanatory videos played on the display.
    The Memory Card (SD) can store the parameters modified by the operator.
    LASEmaR 900 R™ internally measures the laser emission at any time, thanks to an internal power meter combined with a thermal camera that is able to display a thermal 3D image of the optical fiber in use. The aim is to ensure the uniformity of emission of the laser beam, which is important in the treatment of endodontic, periodontic, biostimulation, desensitization and analgesic therapy.

    Device advantages: 

    • The haemostatic effect allows operating with a better visualization of the treated area.
    • Reduced time for treatment and healing.
    • Higher cutting accuracy through the use of new single-use 100 micron fiber.
    • High Brightness Display.


  • Dental Applications
    Incision of tender tissues and coagulation, 
    Gingival surgery, 
    Fibroma removal,  
    Herpes labialis,
    Pre-impression sulcus, 
    Endodontics - canal decontamination, 
    Dental bleaching 

    Other Applications
    The following preset programs are present in the software for the application of:
    Medical laser therapy,
    Photodynamic hair removal.
    Emitting source 10 Watt laser diode
    Wavelength (nm) 915nm
    Laser Source Diode AlGaAs
    Operation Mode Continuous, Single pulse, Pulsed
    Minimum pulsewidth Min 1ms/max 1s/step 1 ms
    Display type Colour Touch Screen
    System for power measurement
    Easy Meter features 
    Measured power:
    from 0.5 to 5 Watt
    Measure time: approx 5 sec. 
    Aiming beam 3 mW, 635 nm red laser
    Optical fibers From 100 to 1000 μm
    Electrical features Monophase current 50 - 60 Hz;
    100 - 120 VAC 
    DimensionsWidth: 25 cm
    Height: 14 cm
    Depth: 24 cm 
    WeightApprox. 3,5 Kg
    Power consumption  Approx. 70 VA
    Preselected programs  0.22
    Cooling system Air cooling combined with Peltier’s Cells
    CE markingCE 0476
    In compliance withCEI EN 60601-1
    CEI EN 60601-2-22
    CEI EN 60601-1-4
    CEI EN 60825-1
    CEI EN 60601-1-2